Actually, 8 reasons and two reasons to love Elvis remixers. And before you start commenting about what an ignoramus I am, I do know that Elvis wasn’t much of a songwriter. But I submit that these songs are Elvis covers because the songs wouldn’t be famous but for The King’s involvement.

1. Little Sister-Pearl Jam. Is there any song Eddie can’t sing well?

2. Stairway to Led Zeppelin-Neil Pepper. The only better Stairway parody is “Stairway to Gilligan’s Island,” which, if you’re lucky, I’ll post some day.

3. Suspicious Minds-Bush (unreleased studio outtake)

4. Crying in the Chapel Elvish mashed up against the Wailers

5. Suspicious Minds-My Morning Jacket

If you get enough plastic surgery, you can impersonate yourself!

6. A Little Less Conversation (dance remix)-Elvis himself

7. Play House-Pee Wee Moore. I love this version.

8. Elvis Presley Stole My Car-Drive By Truckers. Not a cover, a tribute, but hilarious.

9. Go here to find a bunch of remixes of The Pet Shop Boys doing “Always On My Mind.” Yeah, they’re about as major lable/un-indie as possible, but I always enjoyed this cover.

10. Can’t Help Falling In Love-Pearl Jam.  Eddie bookends!

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