TULSA-I Was Submerged (EP)

Tulsa announces their first release with the indie label Park the Van, an all-too-brief (about a half-hour) EP of indie rock and roll for fans of American Analog Set, My Morning Jacket, or Centro-Matic. Highlight, I Feel Great has an amazing (and long) instrumental opening that feels somewhat jazz kind of like the old, rambling Grateful Dead jams, but with more structure. In the last thirty seconds, we finally hear Carter Tanton sing for the first time: “I’m in love for the first time / It feels great / Thanks for asking / I appreciate.”

Breathe Thin which follows next, is a darker song, heavy on the echo-ey vocal effects used by Band of Horses, but it’s not slowly paced. In fact, there are hints of 60s garage in the way the guitar and fuzz interact with, and stomp all over, the vocal track. Shaker is similar. Both songs are solid, but the guitar solo in Shaker is full of yearning and power (and feedback!), so it’s my favorite of the two. But you can’t go wrong with anything here: it’s all sonically rich, thick, meaty, beaty, big and bouncy. This is a very strong EP that only serves to whet the appetite.




I Will Tell


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