graveyard1.jpgFans of Wolfmother’s style of indie metal should be happy with Graveyard, the new TeePee Records psychedelic metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. And folks who don’t dig Wolfmother, like myself, can apparently like this band, too. I like it because it eschews the vocal fuzz that dominates so much new metal—instead using the kind of ridiculous falsetto employed by heavy metal singers from the classic Ozzy to the borderline-satirical guy from Darkness.

My favorite track has to be the Steppenwolf-like “Don’t Take Us For Fools,” which features a guttural, greasy, junkyard-dog growling over chug-a-chug-a guitar-and-drums. Or maybe I prefer the machine-gun drumming and swirling drama of “Submarine Blues.” It’s so hard to pick one seat on the rollercoaster of an album. This is music you want—need!—to hear live.

Word of advice, though: If you’re going to call your band “Graveyard,” don’t release a self-titled album. Try googling “Graveyard” and you’ll see some of the trouble I had doing research on the group!

But I’ll save you the trouble: Graveyard is available now on eMusic and Amazon (digitally only), but a have-and-hold CD will be available in February.

Don’t Take Us For Fools

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