I’ve written often here about the virtually unknown but completely awesome The Michael Parks (a.k.a. Detective Kalita), whose self-titled album is a rare example of a gentle indie album that I return to year after year. If you have a few bucks to drop on some beautiful music, go to Kelp Records’ site and get The Michael Parks. And if you’ve got a few more bucks, check out Andy Swan‘s latest iteration, using his own name now, the country-tinged “Ottawa.” The first thing I thought of when I first heard it was Kris Kristofferson, and I was delighted to see that Blade’s familiar is indeed cited in the press release, along with George Jones. Ottawa is an all-too-brief collection of 13 songs, most clocking in at about 3 minutes, and each is a succinct, perfectly crafted tune. The label offers two songs for download, and although I really enjoy “Can I Pay You With Sunshine,” I think “Maybe It’s Love” is the killer track here. It’s a country duet, with time changes! Intricate and deep, soothing and provocative, and so much more, I highly recommend this release.

Go to Zunior for a free, no-strings-attached EP!

Can I Pay You With Sunshine

The Sound of Snowflakes Falling

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