A true modern country album that is just a collection of character studies of people (and dogs) in a fictional Southern town. Some are cynical, some are funny, some are sad, and some are corny (but still good). All feel real, genuine, simple and clear. This is the opposite of an indie album. And it’s fantastic.

It doesn’t hurt that McBryde has some friends over the help, including Brandy Clark who is most definitely a top-tier country performer.

It is a true skill to be able to write songs that feel true to the genre–I mean 100% true, without attempting to be Americana or alt-country–without those songs feeling dated or, worse, like they fall into an niche that someone like me doesn’t want to be in. Today, Country is a medium that can easily be stereotyped in an “us or them” way and, frankly, most current artists play to type. McBryde does not. She is a real person, with real heart and a voice you need to hear.

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