“It’s only you that fuck up the love…”

Why isn’t Tee Grizzley’s latest getting more love? Beats the fuck out of me. It’s great. He’s not just the latest rapper to go over Tupac’s “Changes” beat. He connects experimental styles with radio-ready beats, mixes soul rapping with street stories, and has powerful delivery. He flips the classic Axel-F song on “Buss it all Down” and makes the harmonizer work. (I usually think rappers who boost their vocals are hiding weakness, but Tee uses the voice changer as an instrument–he’s a master at it.)

Okay, I guess I agree: It could have used a few more solid features. It’s not his best album. (But it’s hard to top The Smartest and My Moment.)

But when you hear songs like Afterlife, Loyalty, and Built 4 It, it’s hard not to give mad props to Grizzley’s latest.

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