“Nothing’s ever perfect.  No one’s perfect, let me say it again, no one’s perfect.”  That’s from Unconditional I (Lookout Kid), one of the early releases from Arcade Fire’s newest album.  And it’s true.  Arcade Fire have brought us a total of six albums. They range from the transcendent Funeral to the dance rock of Everything Now. You may not love them all, but to deny the impact of their albums is foolish.

And yet the band’s last two releases didn’t resonate as well with critics or audiences, and perhaps that is why We seems to be closer to their earlier, universally praised form of stadium-style indie rock. People are calling this album a “return to form,” but the Arcade Fire form that I remember was heavily influenced by David Byrne.  This album is much more John Lennon–much more “classic” in both its spirit and its sound.

It clocks in at 40 minutes, which is perfect. Long enough to be glad to hear it, but short enough not to overstay its welcome.

Now, can anyone tell me what he’s referring to as “fuck…season five?”


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