“I’ve been away for too long…I’ve been away for too long…”

Dude. I love your new album. I love most of your albums. But you’re never away.

YOD Wave, the latest release by the prolific Your Old Droog, starts with singing: “I’ve been aaawwaaaayyyy too long…” And then Droog proceeds to hit us with some typically witty bars: “Most rappers never blow up/They don’t get to go in the road and do a Daily Show like Trevor Noah/So as long as I got the torch I got to grow up/But even if I blow up like Miles Davis, ‘So What?'”…

On YOD Wave, Droog tells us he’s not making songs about girls any more. He checks his email at the club. He’s going by his acronym, YOD now. He’s into the oldies (and even recruits Mach-Hommy to sing “Oh Donna” on Scooby Snacks). He tells us he’s been here a long time, even if YOU are just starting to hear about him. He tells us he has nothing to prove.

It looks like this will be the next phase of Droog’s rap career. Can’t wait to hear it progress. And I’m sure I won’t have to wait long–he’s already put out several albums this year.

Droog is fantastic. I wonder what it would be like to miss him?

Note: On April 9 I will post a discography review of YOD here.

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