I had the pleasure of reviewing an advance copy of the original horror graphic novel Harbor Moon (from Arcana Comics), written by Ryan Colucci and illustrated by Pawel Sambor, last year.  And it’s stuck with me.  If you dig horror comics, there’s not much other than zombies and vampires to check out these days–and much of it is in the long, ongoing series form.  The Original Graphic Novel is a different sort of artform, and one that until recently the industry seemed to be moving away from.

Just look at the cover of this book: It’s so frickin’ wicked.  And the interior art is even better.  The tale that’s spun is twisty and unusual–and could easily have been told as a film.  But, then you’d miss, again, Sambor’s incredible art.  I was going to say “beautiful” art, but when you’re talking shadows and gore, that word somehow feels inappropriate.

Now you can win a free copy!  Just drop me a comment with your favorite Original Graphic Novel. The OGN that you think everyone should read.  For me, it would probably be either God Loves, Man Kills; The Death of Captain Marvel; or the first Grendel OGN.  All three were fabulous. Make sure you include your e-mail in the comment so I can get in touch with you if you’re the winner.

Winner will be chosen on 3/27!

And while you’re at it, here’s some free music to listen to while you’re thinking about reading your free comic:

Max and the Wild Things cover Irish tunes, and you get them free here.  Here’s a taste:

With Or Without You (U2 cover)-Max and the Wild Things

The Radio Barons compare themselves to REM, and you can check them out free here.

Ro Blvd wants you to hear his mixtape, Shenanigans, for free.  You can find it here.

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