Gary Numan is one of those musicians who never really gets his due. Most people know his huge hit “Cars.” Fewer know his smaller, better hit, “Metal.” Beyond that, it’s really only real music fans that know a smattering of other songs, and those, like those two hits, are from the ’80s.

But Numan is still making music, and it’s still relevant. Numan’s brand of post-apocalyptic rock is timeless–dire, dark, creeping music with vocals and lyrics that have influenced major acts in every decade. And Intruder, his 2021 album, is fantasteic. You’ll hear the origins of Nine Inch Nails. You’ll hear seemingly simple (but deceptively complex) music that could be behind Tyler the Creator (who cites Numan as an influence) or even, played somewhat different, Death Cab for Cutie.

I thought last year’s Savage (Songs from a broken world) was the most Gary Numan-ish Gary Numan album ever. But Intruder shows that he continues to hone and perfect his distinct style.

Highly recommended.

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