ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Anywhere but Here by Nyck Caution

Brooklyn rap with features by no less than Denzel Curry, Joey Bada$$, Kota the Friend, CJ Fly and more.

Caution has always been one of those rappers who I really have to listen to. If I’ve just got him on in the background, he doesn’t grab me–probably because he doesn’t produce hooks or offer traditional choruses on most of his songs. He’s truly about lyricism.

This is his debut solo album and, like everything Pro Era puts out, its definitely worth your time. Unlike so many major labels, they grow their artists deliberately, and they don’t release 40-track albums full of filler. Every cut is here for a reason. Product of My Environment offers Caution’s version of B.I.G.’s “Juicy”–an origin story. December 24 (with Elbee Thrie) and Something to Remember Me By clean the pallet with slow grooves. How You Live It is the obvious first single. And Bad Day is the obvious second. Dirt On Your Name gets serious and slow. And so on.

Check it out.

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