CHARN-These Sins of Mine

Charn consists of four dudes who have known each other since childhood (and two them are brothers), and it shows. Anyone who has ever gotten together with childhood friends knows how easy it is to regress immediately to the aggressive-but-not-edgy days of prepubesence, the days when music was something to play air guitar to, to use as inspiration in mirror-poses and jump-on-the-bed sing-alongs.

The band’s debut, These Sins of Mine, is unapologetic indie pop full of youth and energy. Is it life-changing? No. It’s not even particularly original. But what it is, is good, clean D.I.Y. fun. The vocals recall Ryan Adams, and they are the thing that stands out most here—although the power chords and pretty fine, too. The album in some ways is like a very polished demo—the band need to get a better sense of themselves, to figure out where they’re going, when they bounce from pop to Americana and back, but they’ve clearly got a lot of raw talent. They just need some more experience to shape it into something powerful.

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Honest songwriting and melodies. Dynamic instrumentation. Alternative rock at its finest, from true Minnesotans.

Satellites (mediafire)

Happier Than Me (mediafire)


When You Were Young (killers cover)-Astrid Swan (mediafire)

All These Things That I’ve Done (acoustic version)-The Killers (mediafire)

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