ALBUMS OF THE WEEK: Car Seat Headrest, Waxahatchee

The latest from Will Toledo is his first album since 2016. It’s not as edgy as his prior work; it’s more mainstream. But it’s just as good. In fact, for me, a person who unashamedly enjoys accessible hooks, this is an album I’ll listen to a lot more often. He appears on the album in a mask and under the name “Trait,” but all that was planned before COVID-19 put us all behind protective facewear.

The new Waxahatchee album came out a while ago, but it’s really good. It took a little bit to get wormed into my ears, but now I love it.

Runner ups:

The Strokes-ey, pop postpunk of Declan Welsh and the Decadent West’s debut full-length album.

Pow Bundy by Cas Metah and Blast Mega is a very nice indie rap album. Ignore the “Married with Children” cover if it’s a turn-off to you–the content is not similar at all to that old sitcom.

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