ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Color Theory by Soccer Mommy

Soccer Mommy made a lot of noise last year with their debut album “Clean,” and this year’s sophmore album, Color Theory, proves they still got it.

Beautiful, dreamy grunge. A most excellent album.

Key tracks: Royal Screw Up, Yellow is the Color of Her Eyes, Crawling in My Skin, Stain.

FFO: Liz Phair. Seriously. Color Theory leans heavily on her influence. And that is not a bad thing.

Other notable releases:

Philly’s Lojii has released Lo & Behold, a smooth collection of positive rap songs.  Positive doesn’t have to mean preachy, and can mean street smart–and that’s proven by this album.  Very nice. Best of all: It’s pay-what- you-like!

Cadillac Three’s new one, Country Fuzz, is a solid record. I really liked Jack Daniel’s Heart.

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