Because being married on the weekend means chores and duties. Some singles to remind you why new music is good to hear on a Friday.

I’m starting with a big thumbs up to the new album by Riviera Gaz. The band consists of Gustavo Riviera and Paulo Kishimoto of the band Forgotten Boys and American Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth.

And another big upthumbs to Brother Ali for his new single, Sensitive. Some of the tightest, most honest bars I’ve heard from him in years. He’s a great rapper–great and largely unrecognized.

While we’re talking rap, J.I.D.’s “The Never Story” was the 18th Best Album of 2017. Off Deez is the advance single from his upcoming mixtape Dicaprio 2. It’s certified fresh, with guest J. Cole all over it.

Last rap artist, but not a rap song. A$AP Rocky had the balls to cover Otis.

Pool Kids have a nice indie album out–it’s got a good overall feel. Here’s the single.

New Stars. Nuff said.

Gunmetal Sky is the new Americana record by Ryan Holweger.

The Things I Never Say is the title track from the new album by I’m Glad It’s You.

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