JK SOUL-Dinner With FAT Beatz

Know who JK Soul is?  Probably not.  Should you?  Definitely yes.  He’s a beatmaker who has been classified in just about every standard genre: Hip hop, trip hop, turntabilist, chill, dub, funk/soul/jazz, etc., but these are mere words.  Here’s a stark fact: Other than Madlib and Diplo and maybe a handful of others, I never, ever listen to sample-based, primarily instrumental music.  It sounds like a bed to me–like something waiting for lyrics.

But I’ve listened to JK Soul’s fourth album thrice already.  And I still find cool stuff there.

The dude has a rep as the best “scratch DJ” in Slovenia.  I can’t speak to what the competition is like there, but I can say that this latest album definitely puts him in a class with MF DOOM, the afore-mentioned Madlib, and those other producers who breathe rarified air.

Oh, and you might actually have heard of him: He just recorded with Lil’ Wayne.  But cop JK’s own stuff–it’s hot.

JK Soul Get Over It

Video: A Love Has Died (watch it for the music–there’s not much to really see)

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