And now for something completely different.

Australia’s Jaala–Cosima Pay, lead singer and lead guitarist, synth player Carolyn Schofield, and Maria Moles on drums–are truly like nothing you’ve heard before. Their music feels as fresh and genre busting as The White Stripes’ exciting debut. You’ll listen, track after track, and ask yourself, “How the fuck are they doing this???”

R&B Bjork. The Pixies for the 2010s. A million fragments you might think you’ve heard before, brought together in a cohesive whole, without sampling or overdubs. All of this can be played live. Because it’s real music. “I guess you love me more lik the family dog,” Cosima sings on “Dog,” “And I want to be your dog…” This approachable love song turns Iggy Pop on his head. It soars, it’s huge, it’s an anthem, but it’s humble, cute and quiet.

A brilliant album.

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