WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES: Some rap, cover songs, and more to get your weekend started!

Pusha T dropped the best dis track of his career (and that’s saying something), and his best solo album in years (maybe ever), so it makes sense that his former partner, born again rapper No Malice, just dropped a hot single too.

Meanwhile, B.O.B. has released what he promises is his final record.

“Candy” is the title track from the smooth and mellow psych-folk album by The Blank Tapes.

Brockhampton has a new Outkast-influenced coming out, and here’s the catchy single.

“One Black Rat” is my favorite song off the new country/blues album by Grifters and Shills. There’s some cool covers on it, too, like Zeppelin’s You Shook Me.

David Bazan covers the Now Now

Erasure covers one of my all-time favorite Blondie tunes!

Valley Queen have a great ‘90s feel to them.

Ooooh! A Procol Harum cover!

The Cults cover the underrated 1980s band The Motels.

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