Six songs, six bucks. Grynch has been around about a decade, and he’s one of the better underground emcees in the game. His first big hit was My Volvo, which if you think about it was basically a way of announcing himself as a white rapper…But it was really good. White rappers often feel the need to be funny or harder than necessary, but Grynch has always felt genuine.

He’s got a new single out, “On a Good One,” and it’s a radio-ready pop tune—catchy and fun—so he decided to package it along with a few other tunes. But make sure you listen to the remix. I’ve never heard Gifted Gab before, but she’s terrific.

My personal fave of the other songs on this EP: Dive Bar. But every song on here is worth at least a couple spins. “It Ain’t the Same” is a nostalgia track—it’s nothing you’ve never heard before, but it’s done well. The EP closes with a tribute to Nate Dogg, featuring 1990s legend Warren G.

Check it out!

And while we’re on the Grynch tip, try some of his older stuff. Good music never gets old!

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