I’m going to start with a Lionel Ritchie cover from one of the best movies of the year. Maybe THE best movie of the year, especially if you’re as into music as I am. Baby Driver.

I would post Halasan Bazar’s new song just for the title: Get Sick and Die. But it’s also a very cool song, crossing the border of retropsych with violins and a full tempo change halfway through.

J. Bernardt’s new single Wicked Streets is one of my favorites so far this year. Here’s a remix.

I’m also really loving this Go-Gos cover. The Go-Gos were a great band, and they don’t get their due.

Seems I’m on a jag of smooth singles. Here’s another really good one:

The new EP by Brian Jonestown Massacre is a collection of long-form pyschedelic jams that exemplify why bands that have played together a long time sound so good. Here’s one of the three songs…

I’m also loving (loving!) this single from Satellite Mode.

Brad Peterson’s new album is pretty good—here’s the single.

Hell Ya’s Club Night is a solid EP with a nice, raucous single…

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