WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES: New Stuff by Chloe Sevigny, Flight Necessities, Lissie, and a lot more people you might never have heard of!

There’s quite a bit of good, fun rap on Strangers of Necessities’ latest, The Layover, like samples of Tweety and generally solid, well-written rhymes, but this one here’s my favorite….

Here’s some cool hipsway from Flight Facilities…

In a similar vein comes Hope for Something by Panama.

I’ve always loved Lissie’s voice, so I’m thrilled she’s got a new single….

Wow. Guess who’s back? West Coast OG MC Eiht. And he still sounds the same…Good stuff from the past!

Chloe Sevigny does a little spoken word over this piece by Peaking Lights. I dig it. Even if it’s a little out there.

I also like the new, pop-psych of Secret Colours….

And that’s it for this week—see you next Friday!

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