I’m going to start with The War On Drugs–a band whose name has, sadly, become contemporary once again after an 8-year respite under Obama. Anyway, their record store day release, Thinking of a Place, is phenomenal. Seriously. It’s perfect pop. Perfect. I’ve listened a half-dozen times already and every time I hear new stuff, new shades and details. Don’t miss this one.

No, this isn’t a cover. It’s just good honest DIY rock.

Here’s a nice little pop song. “Voice on the Radio” by Tender Loving Empire and Laura Gibson.

And a little soaring, indie ambience. From a very tasty album.

One thing about having a crazy President: You get some good protest music! Here’s Skully’s new single:

Like blues-rock psych? Check out the new self titled album by Lykantropi. It’s awesome.

Flocco Torres has that laid back hip hop thing going…

Heavy blues…

And finally, a Kendrick Lamar cover. Waaaaay too short!

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