WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES UNDER THE COVERS! An all-covers edition of my weekly roundup of recent singles!

Let’s kick it off with Bruce Springsteen. I don’t seem to get tired of hearing different versions of Thunder Road.

Two covers. One song.

Here’s Pearl Jam covering Brandi Carlisle. Much more rare to find a “classic” band covering a newer artist.

Here’s an old one, but I just stumbledupon it. Yeah, I still use SU. And I liked it quite a bit. The Talking Heads!

But then when I went to Brothertiger’s Soundcloud, I found out he’s making a whole album covering Tears For Fears’ Songs from the Big Chair. Cool!

Here’s another one that’s not new, but it’s not old either. From last year:

Little Hurricane’s “Stay Classy” is one of my favorite all-time covers albums. It’s awesome. Go buy it.

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