WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES: Some Recent, Fabulous Music!

Before we kick it off, I’ll just self-promote: Like Great Songs?  Like Covers?  Go here!

I thought these guys were pretty good. I figured I’d share them with all two of my faithful readers. Seriously. I don’t know if anyone reads my blog anymore. I know I still get about a half-G of views every day, but are you guys actually READING?

The lead single off Wild Now’s EP “Afterglow” is pure pop bliss. I can’t get it out of my head.

The Dig’s new album is pure, sweet pop. And I enjoyed it! Here’s “Jet Black Hair,” one of my fave cuts off it. For the whole album, go here.

And Dollkraut’s new one is a little more heavy/sludge than I usually go for, but I really liked this song. And if you like it, stream the whole album here.

I’ll be posting on the entire Mod Sun album, but this song and video are just too good not to post today….

And let’s close it out with Jesus and the Mary Chain. Still a great band, after all these years…

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