“There shouldn’t be no law against people wantin’ to smoke some dope.”  That pretty much sums up this country rock trio’s new album, with some strong exceptions.  Most of this music is country living, workingman blues.  “There’s more old drunks than there are bad doctors” is their justification for “I Gotta Get Drunk.”  There’s another silly companion song, “I’m Gonna Get High.”  And you’d think from the black-and-white cover it would be a grainy collection of poor recordings, but the production quality is actually very good.  As a result, the songs are presented clearly–and sometimes that’s a little jarring.  You expect an album that’s mostly about drinking and doing drugs to be barroom blues–and I bet these guys are great live–but the clarity makes songs like “Waiting Around To Die,” about escaping the horrors of child abuse (among other things), even more powerful.

Highly, highly recommended. A huge bargain at just $10.

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