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Game just hosted a pretty cool doc called “Streets of Compton,” which featured all new tracks on the soundtrack, and now he’s got a new single, “Wrist Motion,” that seems designed to bring new rapper Marcus Black to the scene. And to create a hook-based rap song, which Game usually isn’t a part of. I’m diggin’ it—nice to see Game sharing his talent with younger guys. Marcus Black is damn good—has a flow a little like Eminem’s–so lots of vets might avoid appearing on a track with him.

Cousin Stizz is truly one of the best new voices on the scene. He dropped a new single a little while back. Pure fiya.

Okay, how about something more of a dance single now, just to clean the palette….Calypso’s new cut is a free download….

Transitioning back to hip hop, here’s an R&B single with a definite hip hop flavor. Very interesting song, nontraditional voice that’s still beautiful…It made me think of Nenah Cherry a little bit.

Rush by Starrah got some buzz a little while ago. I’m late to the party with it, but better late than never. That’ll end this week’s installment!

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