DYAN-Looking for Knives

Frontwoman Alexis Marsh has one of those voices where you swear you’ve heard it before, but I bet you haven’t. Unless you watch TNT’s Animal Kingdom. The band Dyan are a trio—with Samuel Jones and Daniel Dorff Jr—and they’ve just released their extraordinary debut, Looking For Knives. It’s one of the most musical albums I’ve heard in a while, and I’m absolutely in love with everything about it. Beautiful songs, excellent lyrics, and vocals that are out of this world.

They’re writing some songs for the gritty TV show mentioned above—it’s not a great show, but I like it. But this music is nothing like the show. It’s wonderous, contemplative, and magical.

Alexis wrote the whole thing, and there’s not much more info than that out there. It would be a damn shame if an albums as terrific as this one went unnoticed.

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