DEJ LOAF-All Jokes Aside

dej loaf all jokes aside

This will sound sexist, but there aren’t many stellar female rappers. I know you don’t like ot hear it, but it’s true. Look at your own top 10. Any women in it? Missy Eliot? Jean Grae?

But maybe there should be one: Dej Loaf. She’s been establishing herself as a force to reckoned with for a few years now (check out her magnificent Sell Sole mixtape), and her latest mixtape is the best work of her career so far. It’s all meat, no filler. And unlike most modern rappers, she can carry the whole tape herself—no need for guests to sell it. (Silkk the Shocker does appear on “Bout That,” and does a good job, but you don’t need him—he’s a garnish, not a main course.)

My only complaint, and it’s a minor one, is too much vocal effect. Dej Loaf’s voice is one of the best things about her—like Tupac, Biggie, and Chuck D, she has a distinctive vocal quality—and she doesn’t need a producer to augment or change it.

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