michelle zauner
Like the Cocteau Twins, upbeat ambient pop, the shoegaze of The Sundays, and 1990s girl-led bands that were about joy, not muscle? Then Michelle Zauner’s latest side project is right up your alley. Zauner, of Little Big League, has crafted an absolutely perfect collection of charming, sweet, and catchy songs that are full of love and happiness of making music.

It’s the kind of music you can enjoy while you’re driving, but if you lay back and focus you’ll find it’s even more rewarding. You’ll hear intricate guitar work, an accomplished backing band, lyrics that fill your heart, and so much going on that you’ll be lost. Or at least I was.

It’s also the only album where I heard a woman joyously compare herself to a slot machine. Hmm.

I know it’s early, but this may be one of the releases of 2016.

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