THE FUTURE OF THE LEFT-The Peace and Truth of FOTL

the peace and truth of future of the left
Kurt Cobain would never have named his band, “The Future of the Left,” but if he’d formed it in Wales–a place where class-based differences are culturally defining in the way that race is in the U.S.–he might have. Formed from the ashes of true punk bands (think Fugazi and Black Flag) Mclusky and Jarcrew, these guys define DIY music–having crowdfunded their latest album in just a matter of hours.

Just about every FOTL album has line-up changes, and this time guitarist Jimmy Watkins has moved on. But the band is still brilliant and powerful, moving quickly between spoken word, singing, preaching and flat out snarling “shake rattle and rooooolllll!” Their lyrics are as provocative as ever, and just as witty: “Have you ever been part of a criminal conspiracy? It really is a lot of fun, once you get done with the boring paperwork.” “If AT&T drank tea what would BP do?”

This is raw music at its best–the true spirit of hardcore punk. It’s music that deserves to be big, that needs to be heard, but it’s so full of angry youthful wisdom that it probably never will be.


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