WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES: All Originals by New Artists!

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I want to start this weekend’s tribute to new, up-and-comers, with Amaroun, because this is her first single. She sounds a lot like Bjork, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I’m loving this song…

From there, we’re jumping right into M.I.A.’s appearance on Baauer’s “Temple.” It feels an awful lot like an MIA song–with the fantastic beats, the middle-eastern flavor…Damn fine music.

Now, we’ll get deeper. Andy Clockwise’s “The Good Book EP” is a strange, eclectic, very varied collection of songs, and here’s one of them…

Oyster Kids’ new single, Lips, won’t sound new but it will sound good. Nice, steady indie pop. Lovin’ it.

Ditto the electronica single from Xylo–really good sound here.

And here’s a nice, gentle single from Winterpills.

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