A GIRL AND A GUN-Various Artists

james bonds
Whatever your thoughts are about the best Bond, there’s no denying that the soundtracks to his films have been iconic—and more than once. “Nobody Does It Better,” “Goldfinger,” “Live and Let Die”…Even if you never saw the movies, you probably know the songs. And probably liked them.

The Bandcamp compilation A Girl And A Gun counts on that. It’s a bunch of songs from a bunch of movies, all covered by a tremendous variety of world music independent artists. Thirty four songs, pay what you want.

My particular favorites: The smooth jazzy Goldfinger by Darren Hayman; an electronic instrumental take on The Man With The Golden Gun by Crock Oss; the quiet and cool Nobody Does It Better by Citizen Helene; and the many varied takes on 007’s classic theme.

Very, very cool.

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