WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES: Feat. Pusha T, Weezer and more!

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New Pusha T! New Pusha T!

Alex Wiley has burned up more than a few cool singles this year. This one has Chance the Rapper, so boom! it’s posted.

Geographer covered Paul Simon—it’s pretty cool what they did with the tune…

And finally, Damned covers are like jello. We always got room for them.

Freddie Gibbs’ latest single is “Extradite” featuring Black Thought. Worth a listen or two…

You don’t hear a lot of Weezer these days, let alone a mash up….I thought this was pretty good.

STFU is the first cut from P Reign’s “Off the Books” mixtape. I’m loving this song. The rest of the tape is up and down. There’s some great cuts like Palm Trees, but in some of the songs there’s too much harmonizer. Dude’s got his own, good voice—no need to bump it up and distort it. You can get the whole thing here.

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