50. SEXWITCH-Self Titled
Natasha Kahn (Bat for Lashes) gets all Middle Eastern…Very, very interesting record.

49. KURT VILE-Pretty Pimpin’
I love Kurt. Love him! He’s one of those indie(ish) artists who seems to come right to the edge of being popular but doesn’t quite tip. The new single from his new album pushed him even closer to the mainstream.

48. WOLF SAGA-Gold Lion (Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover)

This doesn’t sound much at all like the original—gone is the raspy, post-punk snarl. In is a clear vocal that over-enunciates. It sounds awkward at first, but close your eyes and let it wash over you. “Tell me what you saw.”

47. GODWOLF-Love is a Battlefield (Pat Benetar cover)
They totally make this song their own. I wasn’t sold for the first minute, but after that it got me.

46. GANG SIGNS-Geist

I’ve seen some reviewers who call this “electro,” while others actually call it hip hop. I hear shades of Joy Division, Interpol, xx, 1990s suicide rock…Whatever the label, this is an extraordinary album.

The band hails from Canada, and their music is most neutrally describable as long-form dance epics. LIke LCD Soundsystem used to make, only not as optimistic. This is music to dance to when you’re angry or sad. Or to drive to in the rain. I’m truly loving this album.

45. ROSE MCDOWALL-Don’t Fear the Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult)
There are way too many covers of this song, especially now that Rose has released the definitive one.

44. ALPINE-Come On
Just a beautiful single. Absolutely wonderful.

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