WEEKENDS ARE FOR SINGLES: Dance all Weekend Edition!

A regular feature: Single songs and covers I’ve heard lately, usually submitted to me, that you need to get your ears on.  Pronto!

Lots of dance tunes today, starting with Molly Moore’s new single….

Okay, now that you’re warmed up prepare to get blown away. Izzy Bizu is remarkable.

You can always count on good dance mixes when you check out Buffetlibre’s Soundcloud page. Here’s Angelo vs. Michael Jackson…

It’s hard to mess up when you’re remixing Bananarama’s Cruel Summer. It’s one of the most universally infectious, timeless pop songs I’ve ever heard. Casio Social Club does some doubling, echo, and stuttering but otherwise leaves the gem intact. It’s more like an update than a remix. I’m loving it.

Another song that’s tough to mess up: Alan Thicke’s copyright-infringement bonanza Blurred Lines.

And I know everyone’s got a different opinion on who the best rapper of the day is, but my money is with A$AP Rocky. He sounds great with Rod Stewart!

And to close it out, let’s slow it down for a midtempo, soulful jam. Lion Babe covers Curtis Mayfield…

That’s enough for today…Have a great weekend!

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