WATERS-What’s Real

Has it really been four years since Waters released “Out in the Light,” one of my favorite indie albums of all time? Unbelievable. Way back then, I only put it at #5 for the year, but if I could redo it, I’d rank it at #2. (Sorry, I still think Elzhi’s “Elmatic” is fucking brilliant.)

So how does their new one sound? Well, it’s on preview at Soundcloud and it sounds…Extraordinary. It’s very different–where their last release was sad and moody, this one is much more “pop.” Still, it’s driven by hooks that will jump in your skull, grab your subconscious, and never let go.

I imagine this will be one of my favorite releases of this year. I have trouble seeing a vision of the future where that doesn’t happen.

Check it out below, along with some neat cover songs.

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