DEJ LOAF-Sell Sole

Dej Loaf is a 20something rapper from Chicago who is proud to be a woman. Finally! A rapper who can speak from an honest perspective. She’s not a bimbo, she’s not a wannabe gangsta, she’s not trying to be an idealized female or “one of the guys.” Her songs are about love, family, and pain: Missing her Grandmother, hustling on the streets, making millions and spending it on her mother, promoting peace over violence, loving rap, not trying to sound like Tupac, teaching the children well…They’re about real life. That’s how come she can get away with lyrics like: “Can we stay home tonight/Try something new tonight/This drink got me feeling right…Let’s make a some babies and make it official/I feel you inside…”

Her lyrics are smart, and her beats and words seem…Sad. But powerful. This is a thoughtful mixtape, and thought is usually reserved for backpackers in this genre. Great stuff.

You may remember Dej from her 2012 hit “Try Me,” which got her a major label deal and is remixed on this mixtape with verses from Remy Ma and Ty Dolla $ign and some new bars from Dej herself.

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