THE MORALS-Music Tree Lite Understanding (EP)

I don’t understand why I don’t need a man/But I need you
My thoughts are like birds/Flying into our lives just so

I had a lot of trouble with the submission from The Morals.  It felt folk-y, and it’s raw and underproduced.  These days, my time is crunched and I just don’t have the patience I used to for a slow build.  But something about the opening lines of the first song, “Birds,” made me stay.  The opening song–with tremendous vocals by Hollie Hobby–is desolate, grinding and, eventually, explosive.  But the very next cut, “Harvest Field,” is upbeat, joyful.  And then by the end we get an anthem.  A song that rises above the music and just…Blooms.  Absolutely perfect.

I’m so glad I stuck around.  This is a great album.

Yeah, I said “great.”  It’s probably one of the best of the year.

Here’s a few mp3s (direct links), and then a stream of the full release


Noah Part 1

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