Some stuff I’m diggin’ off other peoples’ blogs, or from my mailbox…

Captain Obvious’ March indie mixtape is up!

I found this cool collection of covers on Slowcoustic.

Captain’s Dead reviews Luke Winslow King’s new album.

There’s a couple cool REM bootlegs here.  Remember when REM was the most awesome band ever?

I’ve already posted some of these, but Cover Lay Down did find a few new folk covers of rap songs.  Good stuff–and he thought it was an April Fool’s post!

Serpents-Sharon Von Etten (mpfree).  New from Jagjaguwar, who used to send me all their stuff but I don’t think they like me anymore every since I had to change URLs and lost tons (tons!) of readers.  That’s ok, I still love their artists.  I understand being a ratings whore.

A remix of Lionel Ritche’s “Easy” can be found here. Yes, you read that right. I am a closet Ritchie fan. I also dig Barry Manilow:

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