I’ve been very sick since January, spending a lot of time in bed.  (In bed alone, I’m married.)  And Netflix is mostly crap, but I tried out “Rules of Engagement.”  I know it’s shit, but it makes me laugh.  Often.  And it’s written by Carol Liefer (who wrote for Sienfeld, among other shows).

There are actually some scenes that seem kind of insightful.  Patrick Warburton is funny–he’s always funny.  (Anyone else a fan of the live-action The Tick show, also available on Netflix?)  And Megyn Price who plays Audrey, the wife, appears to be plain jane but she’s actually pretty damn hot.  And the “dumb blonde” on the show is actually a himbo with black hair.

In fact, the only real weaknesses on the show are the hot young fiance (terrible actress) and David Spade (who isn’t awful, he’s just kind of dull).

Does liking Rules make me crazy?  Is it a horrible show?

I don’t trust my own judgment on this.

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