caitlin roser the stand-inI admit, I read too quickly when I put this submission into my playlist and thought it was the new Caitlin Cary–you know, the chick from Whiskeytown.  And truth to tell, there’s a similar sound: Smart country, with little-to-no twang (and where there is some, it’s subtle, tasteful, and charming).  But Ms. Rose is more traditional–and I mean that in a good way.

In fact, with every listen I’m loving this more and more. Especially the track titled “Waitin’.” It shoulda been the single! But I Was Cruel is good, too.

Check it out.

RIYL: Patsy Cline, Jack White’s album with Loretta Lynn, and, yes, Caitlin Cary.

I Was Cruel (direct link mpfree)

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