RAH RAH-The Poet’s Dead

Rah Rah‘s latest album, “The Poet’s Dead,” is ambiguous.  Which makes sense.  Is that comma supposed to be a contraction–the Poet “is” dead?  Or is this about the dead owned by the Poet?

I prefer to think the latter. And here’s why: The album is a jumble of jammy indie rock, Americana singles, ballads, cries, guitar solos, awesome vocals…There’s bodies everywhere.  This band has a tight fanbase, and I’ve never been a big part of it until now, but I’m saying this is their best, most interesting album so far. The listener never knows what is coming next; but whatever it is, it’s never a let down.

I’m wrong, of course. The title track says: “The poetry is in your head/Though the poet’s dead.” But I like my version better. Either way, though, the album speaks to me. I love it.

And if you go to their website, they’re giving away a remix album for FREE! (Well, actually, it costs you an e-mail. But whatever–that’s almost free.)

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