The title cut from Elvis Depressedly’s “Mickey’s Dead” is about a kid who hates his parents, but instead of shouting about it, he kinda mumbles about it. Almost like he’s bored. Or, perhaps, he’s using that disaffected teenager tone to mask his disappointment and pain.

I don’t know if Elvis Depressedly are intentionally deep, if they’re self-revelatory, or what. I do know that this is a band with tremendous potential.

“Mickey’s Dead” is basically a demo tape. There’s a bunch of half-finished songs here that never really build into anything, and lots of unpolished hooks. It’s an album in fits and starts. But with an experienced producer, this could truly be something great.

If, like me, you enjoy hearing the craft of songwriting, this one won’t disappoint. I’ve listened to it on repeat for days. But be warned: It is miserably depressing. Really good stuff, but down as hell.

Highly recommended.

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