Hit the break for a Tumblr style tribute to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, complete with some reading recommendations….

It’s hard to pick among all the decades of tremendously good Avengers books, so consider the ten reading recommendations here to be just a flavor–the highlights.

10.  The Kree-Skrull War.

9.  JLA-Avengers.  No, it ain’t canon–but it’s George freakin’ Perez.

8.  Kang Dynasty.

7.  West Coast Avengers.

6.  The Korvac Saga.

5.  The Trial of Hank Pym.

4.  Avengers: Dissassembled and The New Avengers: Breakout.  The two stories in which Brian Michael Bendis destroyed and rebuilt Marvel’s flagship team.

3.  The Dark Avengers.

2. Young Avengers.

1.  Nights of Wundagore.

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