The Dirty Feathers solicited me on April 5, so it’s taken me a few weeks to write this review, but that’s not because they suck. It’s totally my fault. You see, when I review a band, their album goes out of my “active” iPod file–which is usually over 200 songs. The simple fact is, I wasn’t done listening to the band’s debut album, Midnight Snakes.

And I’m still not.

It’s garage rock/hard rock/psychedelic, for fans of Black Mountain or The White Stripes, and it’s a great example of why, after thirty years, we’re still not done listening to this genre. Heavy, chest thumping bass? Check. Raging guitar licks? Check. Drums that make your head bob hypnotically? Yep. Metaphysical lyrics about pain, power, booze, women, dogs, Lucifer, the dark side of the moon, and the sun coming out of your mouth and pouring on the ground? Most definitely. Vocals that seem to break and crack? Pulsing electric vibrations?  Creepy synth? Yes, yes, yes! I feel you! I’ve figured it out!

And they’re an example of everything that’s great about music in the twentyten decade: It’s available for free (name your price) at Bandcamp!

This album kicks major ass.

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