SANTAH-White Noise Bed

I have no idea how Santah got in my “to listen” file on iTunes.  Someone sent it to me.  So, whoever you are, thank you.

White Noise Bed is a “classic” indie rock record.  By which I mean it’s melodies and lines, it’s great guitar work and rhythms, all hearken back to the early 2000s of yesteryear, when Marah and Whiskeytown were tearing up the blogsphere.  A male lead sings vaguely symbolic lyrics (“We had a deep song/Long before our language”) in a painful, impassioned croon…It recalls the most melodic work of Modest Mouse and Wilco, eschewing the experimental, happily, in favor of the accessible.

The result is a terrific record–probably the most consistently “indie rock” album of the year so far.

Buy direct from No Sleep Records, and check out the video, below.

No other women – Santah from Slaughtermouth Productions on Vimeo.

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