Not a ton of news this time, but what there is is pretty good: New Grant Morrison and Brian Wood projects; more details on TV’s The Walking Dead; and the new Stan Lee video game. But before you hit the break, peep this:


As part of the Cartoon Network DC Block, beginning the first Saturday in March. You have to tape a Green Lantern CGI ‘toon, but you can always fastforward through it to get to the shorts and the new “Young Justice” episode. I know that’s what I’ll be doing. Press reports say that the original voice actors will return for this reunion of new shorts based on the groundbreaking anime/animation mix of Teen Titans Go!
NEW GRANT MORRISON. Is always news. But Morrison teaming up with Darick Robertson? That’s major new. The book will be titled “Happy!” and will be some kind of Christmas story.

AND IN OTHER IMAGE NEWS…The creator-owned-and-driven publisher announced several other projects of interest, including:

  • A 12-issue maxiseries by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely titled Jupiter’s Children—and it’s actually something that Mark “I am the logical inheritor of Stan Lee’s title as hypemaster” Millar hasn’t sold to a movie studio yet.
  • Brian “DMZ” Wood’s newest project, a 6-issue series about a super-powered teen idol called “Mara” (art by Jordie Bellaire and Ming Doyle)
  • A sequel to Phonogram, the popular-with-critics-and-indie-music-fans book by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, and Matt Wilson.
  • Howard Chaykin’s sequel to his 1980’s fan favorite book, “Black Kiss.”
  • A new book by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Pitarra titled “The Manhattan Projects,” which reimagines the real-life A-bomb creators as mad scientists who created a bunch of much cooler “black op” stuff.
  • “Planetoid,” a sci-fi series with an awesome promo poster by Ken Garing.
  • “America’s Got Powers” by Bryan Hitch and Jonathan Ross about superhumans competing on a TV show for prizes. Howard Stern won’t be the judge, though.
  • A sci-fi opera by Brian K. Vaughan (Y The Last Man) and Fiona Staples titled, simply, “Saga.”
  • Two noir/horror comics Steve “30 Days of Night” Niles, titled “Chin Music” and “Crime and Terror.” The market seems glutted with these right now…
  • And, finally, a more promising noir/horror/crime book by Riley Rossmo and Nick Spencer titled “Bedlam” about a cop who doubles as a mass murdered. I wrote the same exact story when I was in sixth grade. No joke. My dude called himself “Assassin” and liked to kill people and switch heads on the bodies.

THE WALKING DEAD SEASON THREE. It’ll be all about the Governor, who will be played by David Morrissey. And where there’s the Guv, there’ s probably gotta be Micchone. Rumors also abound that Shane will die this season. Really, it ought to end with Lori and the baby dying, like in the comic, to move things along. The book is mostly about Rick and his son, and their relationship, and there’s little to none of that on TV.

AVENGERS ALLIANCE ON FACEBOOK. Anybody playing it? I’m not (yet) because I’m just too lazy to go to Facebook. Also, I had computer games. It’s failry simple animation, but you get to be most of the big heroes (Iron Man, Hawkeye, the Widow) and some lesser-biggies (Nick Fury, Iron Fist) and you get to fight Viper, Whiplash, and others. Now, if it were on PS3 I’d be all over this $#!^.

IRON FIST: ANIMATED. He’ll be a series regular on the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon that debuts on April 1. Along with White Tiger, Nova, and Power Man. And this better not be a April Fool’s Day prank.

STAN LEE THE VIDEO GAME. Well, not quite. It’s been revealed that he’ll be an unlockable, playable character in the new Activision “Amazing Spider-Man” game. Activision has done the best superhero games to date (notably Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance), so hopes are high for this one.

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