mister hipsterI don’t know what the fuck is up with this album, but it’s terrific. “Let’s Have a Three-Way” sounds like Interpol (but not lyrically: “You said donkey punch! Let’s have a three way!”). “Mister Hipster,” who has all kinds of records, still in their shrinkwrapped sleeve, and whose “screenplay is always in the final stage,” is like a darkly cynical Jonathan Coulton. “Lost At Sea” is an odd song with shades of Peter Gabriel. In fact, a lot of this sounds a little like Peter Gabriel mixed with Coulton.  And a little Elvis Costello.  He compares himself to Elvis in his press stuff, and I can go with that.  Anyway, I am absolutely loving it.

I love the lyrics on “Victim of Life:” “I know you only have one eye/It makes it hard to see me…I still think it’s funny you’ve only got one eye.” And “Cheap Trick,” which is mostly just a chant: “I tricked you into loving me!” I can relate to so much here.

I know it’s only January, but it’s the best thing I’ve heard all year. And yes, Mr. Carp, you can quote that out of context and just include everything after the “but.”

And he gave us permission to give you the entire album!

I’m not gonna, though, because you really oughtta buy it and support this guy.

What I will do, is give you a “best of” the record.

Victim of Life
Download Jordan Carp Cheap Trick
Download Jordan Carp Mister Hipster

And here’s a vid of him live at the Lizard Lounge, doing a cut from an earlier album.

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