I’m gonna kick it off with some nu disco from Eight Bit Tiger. Infunctious!


A DJ who takes the opposite take on music is the muscular, gritty Blackwater Jukebox, who is absolutely killing everything this year.

Go to Bandcamp to scoop up the latest free single.  You’ll be glad you did.

Blackwater Jukebox

And speaking of gritty bandcamp bands, Different Skeletons’ newest release is also free at Bandcamp.  It’s called “Secret Jeers,” and it’s great old-style grunge/garage rock.  Retro, but with hot licks.

And who doesn’t like hot licks?

From there, I’m gonna give a shout to the boys in Rademacher, who have released part 2 of their 3-part epic “Baby Hawk.”  Part one had some familiar stuff on it–it was kind of like a greatest hits for the band, with some of their great indie rock.  Part two is a lot quieter and darker.  Find it here.  I’m fairly certain you’ll love it.

Here’s the soundcloud: Babyhawk (Part II of III) by BabyHawk

And last but not least, Philly’s Parachuting Apostles have a great band name, great classic and indie rock experience, and a cool video cover of Hendrix’s Foxy Lady….

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