WATERS-Out in the Light

"port o'brien" waters out in the light
“Out in the Light,” the debut album by Waters, made it really hard for me to read Joe Casey’s new comic book Butcher, Baker, Righteous Maker.  See, I had a bunch of submissions on my iPod and was finishing up a dull one and readin’ my comics–as I love to do–when the new album by Van Pierszalowski’s new band came on…And all I could do was listen.

The former member of Port O’Brien, a well-respected band that’s never really moved me overmuch, has put together a great indie rock album.  It’s fast moving rockers are catchy and cool, it’s slower numbers are compelling…And the lyrics will grab you and hold you and never let you go.

There will be those who say this isn’t breaking any new ground–that this is just standard, workaday indie–and I get that.  There’s nothing here you haven’t heard before.  But that’s kind of like saying that there was rock and roll before the Foo Fighters, and gangsta rap before Snoop: There was indie before Waters, that’s true.  But when you’re like me, and you hear about 20 new records a month, you can really appreciate how amazing it is to find an album that you can listen to–really listen to–from start to end.  One that can keep your attention in the slow songs and make your heart race through the fast ones.  One that can make you think, listen, smile, and appreciate.  Appreciate.

The song I’m offering to taste, Back to You, is as good as anything quick sensation Yuck produced this year.  The difference is that with Waters, you get a whole album of good stuff–not just a single.

I love this record.  I’m glad Port O’Brien broke up.

Now excuse me, I got a comic to go finish.

Back to You

And here’s a cover:

California (EMA cover)
Download WATERS California (EMA cover)

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